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Five reasons on why to learn Spanish in Malaga

Figures are telling us all: Spanish is the most trending language all over the world. Last year, more than 21 Million students studied Spanish as foreign language. More and more people decide to learn Spanish as a way of taking a turn in their professional career, changing their life or simply having a much better break from work in our country. And if you are...

Mi casa es tu casa: a home stay experience

Today we would like to introduce you to Emma. The 19-years-old university student is currently on her gap year so she and her friend are doing a trip through Europe. She decided to do a big stop in Ronda to take part in the volunteering program at Entrelenguas. She is staying with a host family and we interviewed her to...

Volunteering in Ronda: the best way to learn Spanish!

Hi! We want to introduce you to Hannah. Hannah is 18 years old and from Canada. She is currently on her gap year as a University student and so she and her friend decided to do a tour through Europe and of course to stop in our beautiful town Ronda. She is doing the volunteering program with us and today we...

Sonia, the new member of Entrelenguas!

Sonia Octavio is a student at the University of Swansea, Wales but currently lives in Ronda. Today we interviewed her to find out more about her opinion about what it is to live, work and study in this city - and especially if she likes to be a güiri in a village in the middle of Andalusia. 1. Sonia, why did...

The Gastronomy Event is back!

Escuela Entrelenguas invites you all to the International Gastronomy Event (fifth edition) which will be carried out on Saturday the 8th April from 1 pm to 5pm in our centre (Calle Espíritu Santo, 9) in Ronda, in collaboration with the organisation Raíces. In this occasion, we will also have the pleasure of having the collaboration of the Red Cross, to whom we...

Becoming a host family: a wonderful experience

In Entrelenguas, we know that cultural immersion is the key in the learning process of every student and one of our main objectives is the inclusion of the community in our activity. For this, among the forms of accommodation we offer, is the stay with a family. This is without a doubt an enriching experience for the whole family: the best way...

¡Pura Vida!

Bríd Walsh left her job, her house, her friends and her native Cork last year in order to travel the world with her wife Clare. They ended up in Ronda, where a month-long visit somehow lengthened into almost half a year...